October 11, 2019

o ya

Last weekend, I married my best friend.

We had a gorgeous ceremony. Once we get the (probably) tens of thousands of photos that our photographer shot, I'll write about it here. We had a lovely rehearsal dinner and after-party brunch with the bridal party, and lots of complementary events with friends and family. I ugly-cried during our first dance. It was all great.

But. We also wanted a private celebration, for just the two of us. And there was only one restaurant in Boston that is special enough for such an occasion. We went to our favorite (completely-unassuming) sushi restaurant. Mere mention of its name lights up my wife's eyes.

As usual, we were treated like royalty. Our server asked voraciously about our wedding and honeymoon (we fly out tomorrow night!), and showered us with absolutely unnecessary extras.

As luck would have it, it happened to be white truffle season. Every bite was punctuated by a shared surprise of how did they do that??

bluefin maguro & toro - barrel aged soy, shiso

karikari crispy sesame chicken skin - yuzu-honey pickled ginger, olive oil powder

wild spot prawn - tamarind, habañero, lime

bluefin toro tartare - fresh horseradish, burgundy truffle, egg yolk, ma soy

ōra king salmon - spicy sesame ponzu, yuzu kosho, scallion oil

local scallop - black truffle, sake sea urchin jus, chervil

kumamoto oyster - watermelon pearls, cucumber mignonette

koji fried chicken - shiso tofu crema

tamago omelette roll - dashi sauce, black truffle, robiola cheese, chives

tea-brined fried pork ribs - hot sesame oil, honey, scallions

italian white truffle ramen

charred korean short rib - gochujang, nuoc cham, fragrant herb salad

lamb dumpling - lamb dashi, wild pepper, black vinegar

crispy pork belly - akashi glaze, turnip purée, mitsuba

foie gras - balsamic chocolate kabayaki, claudio corallo raisin cocoa pulp, aged sake

shrimp tempura - bacon truffle emulsion, scallion ginger oil

mochi beignets with matcha caramel sauce

miso coconut ice cream, lychee jelly, coconut rice pudding

housemade dark chocolate