September 14, 2013

My New Blog: Japanese Technique

I've decided to split off a separate blog for all my Japanese-related content. I'm calling the new site Japanese Technique.

I have many reasons for making this a new blog instead of continuing to post such articles to One major reason is that I want to reach a completely new audience.

Most of you reading this know me from my open-source development work. That is how I would like to maintain this site going forward. I am concerned that technical articles about git and Perl would be offputting to people who might otherwise find value in my Japanese content. The flip-side of that is I would not want to flood you developers with learning-Japanese material that is of no use to you.

I also want to post more frequently. The methods I use to study Japanese, and the tools I build to do it, certainly gives me an interesting angle. As @lestrrat so eloquently put it, I'm learning Japanese like an engineer. And I have plenty to say on that topic. I only post several times a year about developer topics, and I would not want that content to be overwhelmed.

In short, by giving this outlet a fresh site and a name, Japanese Technique, I can let this facet of my life stand on its own. That appeals to me more than having Japanese piggyback on, dilute, or be diluted by, my previous endeavors.