September 28, 2011

Why I Read Books on My iPod

I can copy Japanese sentences I understand into my Anki flash card deck:

I can copy Japanese words I don't understand into a dictionary: 1

There are a few reasons why I'm pretty excited about the iPhone 5 announcement. There will supposedly be a fat home button which allows gestures for easy switching of apps. If that feature indeed lands on the new iPhone, it will save me a couple moments and clicks, thousands of times over, as I flip between iBooks, Anki, and 大辞林 while studying. Also I'm still rocking a third-gen iPod Touch which does not have anything near a retina display, so that'll be great for turning those kanji from muddy to crisp.

I don't foresee myself getting a new Kindle any time soon, even though those Kindle Touches look pretty damn good.

  1. iBooks has a built-in dictionary, but it's not useful for my study because it's English-only. One way to make that button universally useful would be to let you set it up to launch some other application, but unfortunately built-in apps typically don't give you that much rope. Update: a reader has pointed me to iBunkos which is designed for reading Japanese text. iBunkos not only gives you the rope to launch the URLs of your choosing (which means you can launch any app that supports being launched to), but also has a builtin dictionary and a builtin link to 大辞林. Perfect!