September 11, 2010

Piggybacking Motivation


I'm finally playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 after having been returned my long overdue Wii. I loved the first game to bits and from everything I've heard, this sequel is somehow even better.

But! it's in English and I'm learning Japanese. I could have gotten the Japanese version, but the Wii is region-locked so I'd have to get a Japanese Wii and that is a lot of hassle. Plus, the game isn't exactly chock-full of text, so it's kind of cheating to call playing this studying. A JRPG, on the other hand...

Anyway, so I feel (only a little) bad about playing Galaxy 2 instead of studying. But maybe I can harness my massive desire to play the game by forcing myself to study before playing more. So, what if I demand learning a new kanji (the method for which I still need to write about) for each star? This would result in lots of kanji learned, since the game has lots of stars. It's also very likely that I will get every star because Mario games are goddamn brilliant.

The only question is: do I have the discipline to pull this off? Let's find out...