September 30, 2009

Google Wave Mania

I've been on Google Wave since June 11th, thanks to a friend at Google. I haven't been using the account much due to other pursuits in my life. But tonight, since they're rolling to production (I'm in as, they gave those in the developer preview invitations. Since I know a lot of people are very excited about Google Wave I thought I would be fair and ask on Twitter...

I have google wave invites. DM me if you want one.

Almost immediately I was flooded with random people who have been scouring Twitter for idiots like me.

They also followed me on Twitter because that will help their chances I guess?? (edit: miyagawa pointed out that they did this so I could DM them their invitation)

Of course, friends who saw my tweet pestered me elsewhere too..

I lacked the foresight to turn off the DM-to-cell-phone Twitter notifications.

Dayum... Google really knows how to generate interest.

Update: Oh god it will never end