June 17, 2009

Shawn M Moose at YAPC::NA 2009

YAPC::NA 2009 begins Monday; it's not too late to sign up! Don't miss the affectionately-titled Moose track.

Extending Moose talk

I'm giving a 50 minute talk about Extending Moose for Applications. The content will be similar to the Moose's MOP series, though focusing more on how all the metaprogramming features work together in harmony. I've been writing the articles so I can learn how to teach the concept and utility of a metaobject protocol.

I'm still writing the talk, but you can have a look at what I have so far. Suggestions for improvement or clarification would be very welcome. I have the "script" included as notes at the bottom of each slide, so you can learn even without me there speaking at you. If you intend to attend the talk (or the Moose course on Sunday) you should probably not read it. I stick to the script, terrible jokes and all. When it is done and presented, I'll post about the final version.

Moose class

Due to health problems, Dave Rolsky will sadly not be attending YAPC this year. He was scheduled to give an eight hour class about Moose on Sunday. It would be a lot of hassle for organizers and disappointment for students to cancel the class, so I stepped up to present the bulk of it. Jon Rockway will be helping as well. I don't make great use of Moose's types, but he does, so we are forcing him to teach the types portion of the class.

I will also be presenting my Extending Moose talk at the end of the class (if we turn out to be short on time). This way you can see Matt Trout's Future of DBIx::Class or Christopher Nehren's CLI apps don't have to suck. Both will probably be Moose-heavy and certainly worth seeing. Or.. you can sleep in!

Please let me know if you have any questions about the talk or class. I've given a few talks before, but never an extended class, so it will certainly be interesting!

I look forward to seeing many of you next week. I'll try to squeeze in a post or eight about talks and all the other good stuff at YAPCs.